About Us

FEMAG develops, markets and supports process-oriented simulation software products, to supply users with the most in-depth numerical tools and to help them design and optimize their processes.

Compare our solutions:

You carry out the simulation of your crystal growth processes. You outsource to FEMAG a project related to your crystal growth processes.
Resources are required (computers, engineers). No additional resources are needed.
A training period is necessary before you benefit from the software. The outsourcing guarantees you a quick answer to your questions.

The FEMAG yearly license includes :

  • free shipping of the software (on CD or DVD)
  • one training session;
  • online unlimited support;
  • upgrades of the software

Sub-contracting your project to FEMAG implies that:

  • FEMAG evaluates the scope and difficulty of your demand;
  • FEMAG provides you a quotation.

FEMAG guarantees confidentiality by a non-disclosure agreement.