FEMAG V14.0 Release Highlights

New features


With the FEMAG V14.0 released, there are two form of distributions of FEMAG products to be performed on Linux OS and Windows OS. The latter is an entirely new version.

The main new features,  introduced in FEMAG/FZ module, are :

  • Improvements related to the model for ACRT.
  • Modifications as a result of deprecating "MC" mode, which has become useless; "MCF" mode is available;
  • New script "field-­on­-bnd" allowing the user to export variables along a selected side of the melt or crystal domain;
  • Easier introduction of Varying operating Conditions in wxFEMAG;
  • Update of the online manual;

FEMAG V14.0 delivers new features in FEMAG/CZ module :

  • Time­-dependent simulations : possibility to plot the evolution of temperature as a function of time for a given material point of the crystal.
  • Possibility to compute and visualize the heat fluxes for simulations, in wxFEMAG rendering view.
  • For calculation of thermoelastic stresses with the anisotropic model, the thermal expansion coefficient is automatically estimated from the Crystal material defined in wxFEMAG/Export and Post­processing parameters (the value introduced in wxCregeo is not used).
  • Fix related to the calculation of the temperature gradient calculation (correction of the value of ||grad(T)||).
  • Bug fix in the model for the calculation of thermo-elastic stresses : in case thermoelastic stresses are computed with the anisotropic model, an error existed in previous versions in the formula computing the von Mises variable. This error was not present for isotropic calculations.