FEMAG V13.2 Release Highlights

New features


The main new features, introduced in FEMAG/FZ module, are :

  • A first model to simulate the effect of ACRT (Accelerated Crucible Rotation Technique), including:

­         1) Computation (using the time­-dependent feature of new FEMAG3 platform) ­ in the melt domain only of the time­-dependent velocity fields as a function of imposed alternate seed and feed rotation rates; For this computation, the temperature field and geometry of the melt domain are fixed and are provided by the results of a prior quasi-­steady simulation performed with fixed seed and feed rotation rates corresponding to the maximum rotation rate in one of the 2 rotation directions;

­         2) Computation of the time­-average ­ over one cycle ­ of the time-­dependent velocity, additional viscosity and additional conductivity;

­         3) Computation of species concentration, taking into account the time-­average reference fields (velocity and additional viscosity).

  • A new Graphical User Interface, wxFEMAG, allowing the user to easily run pre­processing, calculation, post­processing and rendering.