The FEMAG/VB software is dedicated to the simulation of the Vertical Bridgman (VB) and Vertical Gradient Freeze (VGF) processes.

The FEMAG/VB software is used to design new hot zones and recipes taking into account specific business and technical issues, such as:

.Steady and Unsteady VB/VGF process simulation
.Radiative heat exchanges between all components
.Crystallization front shape
.Calculation of diffusion and transport of species in the melt and crystal
.Accurate calculation of the effect of heaters, shields and other components of the furnace
.Direct or Inverse calculations
.Choice of different cooling modes: moving or fixed heaters, time dependent heater imposed temperature
.Fully automatic coupled computation



 FEMAG/VB Inverse and Direct dynamic modelling



Dynamic simulation of VGF growth


   Temperature field    



Crystal diameter: 80mm

Growth rate: 3mm/h

Heaters: 3

Crystal lengthincrease per step: 50 mm

Thermoelastic stresses



Evolution of power distribution in the heaters