The FEMAG/FZ software is dedicated to the simulation of the Floating Zone (FZ) process, used for the crystal growth of ultra pure silicon.

The FEMAG/FZ software is used to design new hotzone and recipes taking into account specific business and technical issues, such as:
.Defect free ingot growth
.Process yield increase
.Prediction of the shape of the crystallization front and of the closed melting front
.Design of the furnace hotzone (by a global calculation involving radiation, conduction, convection)
.Anisotropic thermal stresses in the crystal
.Induction Heating
.Accelerated Crucible Rotation Technique


FEMAG/FZ quasi-steady simulation of the growth of a 100 mm silicon crystal (1mm/min pull rate)


Global temperature field (left), melt flow (right), and alternating magnetic field (bottom)


FEMAG/FZ quasi-steady simulation of the growth of a 200 mm silicon crystal



(left) Temperature field and isolines of the norm of the magnetic flux function

(right) Stream function isolines in the melt